Body Bionix Cream was applied to my inflamed ankles around noon – my ankles cooled down immediately! The redness subsided quite a bit as well. All this after several months of swelling, heat & redness. It’s now 3½ hours later, my ankles are still cool!
          Judi B.                                                       19 September 2014
          Olympia, WA
          I have had very painful hand problems. I would say pain level from 8-10. Using the cream the pain vanished for hours of relief. I was a Vietnam Navy Vet 65-69.
          Larry Bartlett                                             20 December 2015
          Las Vegas, NV
          I have been using Body Bionix Supercream for a year. It has been wonderful for my face, arms, hands. It helped keep my face soft and younger looking. Plus my skin felt great. A little goes a long way. A jar lasts me a year or longer depending on how much you use.

          Love this stuff.
          Marilyn Wilson                                         5 September 2016
          Kent, WA



          I tried this cream on hands yesterday. It worked so well, I drove back today to buy four jars. After washing my hands several times, they were soft & felt very good.
          Barbara C.                                                 12 March 2017
          Sequin, WA

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