Scars & Stretch Marks

    I have a surgical scar approximately ½” long that had taken a long time to develop that was rough & with heavy color. After only 3 applications of Body Bionix Relief Lotion the scar tissue is now smooth, soft, and the coloration has lightened up. I’ve also used the Body Bionix Relief Lotion on my chapped & bleeding lips for 3 applications & they are now healed.
    E. M.                                                 15 September 2014
    Tacoma, WA
     I did not believe it at first. Then they applied the cream. Within minutes my cut didn’t hurt and my scar was almost invisible. Take it from me – This Works! I am an R.N. and really was skeptical. But not any more – Body Bionix Super Cream Works!
     D. H.                                                 15 March 2015
     Gordonville, TX​



          This cream is the best. I used it for stretch marks. My stretch marks they were bright purple. They aren’t even noticeable.

          This cream is the bomb diggity. (
Kate bought Supercream a year ago.)
          Kate J                                                 18 March 2017
          Lyman, WY