To: Body Bionix Relief Lotion
     Thank you for the opportunity to try the lotion on my face and hands. The product has made a difference to my skin in both areas. In particular to the facial area on my right forehead. About 10 years ago, I suffered through a bout of shingles affecting my right forehead and right eye. The medical treatment left me with Neuralgia in that area. After trying a small amount applied to my forehead, a lot of the neuralgia subsided within a day and continued and has been helpful in reducing the neuralgia on a daily basis. I would recommend this lotion/product to others suffering from Shingles aftereffects. 
     Thank you.

     S. C.                                                                 11 Janurary 2015
     Ketchikan, AK


        I have Neuropathy in both my feet. This cream was applied to one of my feet in hope to relieve pain. Wow! I had a pain level of about 5-7. It is now 0 after 5 minutes.
        Tom Hutching                                          8 October 2016
         Long Beach, CA
         I am at the Sportsman Show in Anderson, CA. I suffer from Neuropathy due to Diabetes. I saw the Supercream booth. Wow! I had a pain level of 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 – after trying the Supercream – NO pain. Absolutely none. It’s amazing – a real blessing. So glad I stopped at the Supercream booth. Walking away pain free in my hands.
         Tere R. A.                                               4 February 2017