I was walking the show & saw the booth called Body Bionix. I stopped because my feet were hurting. I had ankle surgery a year ago & tried different socks & shoes and nothing stopped the pain until I used the relief lotion. This stuff works in about 3-4 mins. The pain went from 5-6 to less than 1. This stuff really does work. I would recommend it to anyone with ankle, foot, arm or even back pain. Try it now and you will not regret it.
     D. C.                                                          1 March 2015
     Bham, Alabama
     I have a horrible pain in my feet and used a little before bed & a little more in the morning. I was able to stand all day at the conference. Before pain 8-9. After 1-2. Thank you!
     C. B.                                                          14 November 2015         
     Chicago, IL


     Super Cream. Rubbed into my feet, I received 100% relief! Thank you Super Cream. My pain was at 8+, after the cream was applied… my feet feel like I just stepped out of bed.
     Jackie S.                                                    8 Oct 2016
     Westminster, CA

Foot Pain