My husband and I bought the Body Bionix Supercream two weeks ago. We’ve used it on seriasis (Psoriasis) patches, varicose vein spots (Spider Veins), cracked heels, tattoos and cuticles. Maybe every other day or every few days and have noticed a HUGE difference. It’s not oily and hot heavily scented so you can apply it anytime, anywhere. I highly recommend this product to everyone!
     A.F.                                                          13 August 2016
     Clearwater, FL
     Body Bionix immediately improved the pain in my thumb. I have had a chronic problem with extremely dry hands and cuticles. Body Bionix cream worked instantly upon application. I’m excited to use this product! My pain was about a 4 to a 2 instantly.
     Michelle Vie                                             27 July 16
     Santa Rosa, CA