Came to the Body Bionix station (cream). He applied to my right ankle which is fractured – and my pain went from a 10 to a 1.
    N. H.                                                    19 September 2014
    New Hampshire

     Body Bionix Cream was applied to my inflamed ankles around noon – my ankles cooled down immediately! The redness subsided quite a bit as well. All this after several months of swelling, heat & redness. It’s now 3½ hrs later, my ankles are still cool!
   J. B.                                                   19 September 2014
     Olympia, WA

 Body Bionix, neck pain at “8” – left at 0. Right ankle broken, lots of metal – came in with a 10+ throbbing pan – left with at 7-8. Love it, can’t wait to get home & use it.
     S.                                                      19 September 2014
     Tacoma, WA

     I came to the Body Bionix booth with a pain of 7 in my ankle, I used it, it is now almost completely pain free! I love this!

​     PS. What I used was the Body Bionix cream, it was fantastic!


     R. S.                                                   21 September 2014
     Lynnwood, WA
     I tried the Body Bionix Super Cream as a moisturizer & loved it. Then after talking about aches & pains I tried it on my ankle. The pain in my ankle was a 4 on a scale of 1-10 before the cream & a 0 after the cream. I had surgery on my shoulder that didn’t fix the problem & my shoulder hurts everyday when I lift my arm to shoulder height. I have pain rating of 8-9 & after the cream I can say it’s at about a 4.
    Thank you for introducing this product to me!

    T. W.                                                    1 March 2015
    Las Vegas, NV
     I was walking the show & saw the booth called Body Bionix. I stopped because my feet were hurting. I had ankle surgery a year ago & tried different socks & shoes and nothing stopped the pain until I used the relief lotion. This stuff works in about 3-4 mins. The pain went from 5-6 to less than 1. This stuff really does work. I would recommend it to anyone with ankle, foot, arm or even back pain. Try it now and you will not regret it.
     D. C.                                                   1 March 2015
     Bham, Alabama


     I have a horrible pain in my feet and used a little before bed & a little more in the morning. I was able to stand all day at the conference. Before pain 8-9. After 1-2. Thank you!
     C. B.                                                          14 November 2015         
     Chicago, IL


    In 2000 I had my Achilles Tendon torn in half. No surgeries, 36 lumbar sympathetic blocks, 100% pain daily. Had TK put on a sample on my Achilles Tendon. I was at 8% no motion to my right tendon to zero pain! I highly recommend Body Bionix Super Cream.

    S. S.                                                         5 December 2015                                                               
    Santa Fe, NM

     Pain before the cream on my ankles was a 7, now with the cream it is a 3. Great stuff!
     Arnold                                                 13 February 2016
     Farmers Branch, TX
     Came to the booth in pain from an injury I sustained months prior to this date. I let the young man put the Body Bionix lotion on my ankle and Achilles where the injury was. I would say the pain I was in was about a 5 or 6. Instantly felt relief. I was so astonished I walked away in shock. It did bring tears to my eyes to think about how much pain I had been in for months and then feel to relief. Mind blown!!!
     Veronica DeLaGarza                               5 March 2016      

    My ankle pain was more than a “10”! After a fall 2 months ago I have seen doctors who gave me topical anesthetics that provided no real relief. After one application with a gentle massage I am pain free! I can’t believe it, but it really works. I used Super Cream and now my pain is ZERO. J Amazed!
    Kelly P.                                                      19 June 2016                               
    Antioch, CA

     Super Cream. Rubbed into my feet, I received 100% relief! Thank you Super Cream. My pain was at 8+, after the cream was applied… my feet feel like I just stepped out of bed.
     Jackie S.                                                    8 Oct 2016
     Westminster, CA

    I tried Body Bionix Super Cream on my swollen ankle. Within minutes my pain was drastically decreased.
    S. Riley                                                      17 December 2016        
    Buellton, CA



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